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Huace new product intensive listing and then push new energy bus

Wuxi Huace Automobile Co., Ltd.  2017-02-13 13:33:12 Author:SystemMaster
With the successful launch of road buses and school buses by wuxi huace automobile co., LTD., the market is hot and the products are in short supply. Recently, the company ceremoniously launched new energy products # HM6806CRBEV and HM6805CRBEV series pure electric city buses, which are in line with the technical indicators of 2017 and national subsidy policies. At present, the trial production of the sample car has been successful. After various new standard tests and tests, all of them meet the standard requirements. With outstanding performance, they are being put on the market!
HM6806CRBEV pure electric city bus

HM6805CRBEV pure electric city bus

HM6800CRBEV series pure electric city bus is a "green and efficient" bus specially designed for small and medium-sized cities. It ADAPTS to the road and passenger flow of small and medium-sized cities, as well as the working conditions of feeder buses in big cities and suburban buses, and assists small and medium-sized cities to realize the urban construction goal of "green and livable".

Vehicle design fully consider the performance advantages of the product, and flexibility of body structure, lightweight design, stamping molding, all bearing chassis, automobile electrophoresis, mature with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, lithium electricity, multistage CAN bus control, effectively guarantee the safe operation of vehicles, range of 200 kilometers, is your trustworthy business partner.

In 2017, as the national policies of new energy, especially the new energy security technology conditions, we developed product, in the aspect of lightweight technology is outstanding, various performance indexes is superior in 2017, the relevant standards, the quality of unit load energy consumption (Ekg) is not higher than Wh/km, 0.24 kg, the total mass of the vehicle battery system curb weight ratio (m/m) is not higher than 20%. , the battery system energy density of non-fast charging pure electric bus is higher than 95 or 115 Wh/kg, which meets the highest national subsidy standards and is cost-effective, providing customers with a variety of options to meet the market demand.

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